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Default Worlds

Cheers guys! I'm also a Hungarian shooter as Tamas who sent you a couple of good docs already. Feel free to ask questions if you would like to know anything about our Country, our rules or anything else.
First thing you need to know is the new Website for the World Champs. It will be ready soon, couple of shooters are already working on it and we would like to open a forum there for English speakers and you will have the chance to ask question there as well. I will let you know the URL once it has been started.
Parallel with this we are definately looking for to see your comments on either the rules we have or any other good ideas we are interested, as we have the Field Target here since 2005 only. So we are pretty young in this sport, but ready to grow up
Other important information for those who do not knows, the legal limit on power of the air rifles here is also 7.5J, like in Germany. You need permission to bring your 16J guns into the Country. I have an English PDF document which describes you what to do, if someone can upload it to here I can send by e-mail.

We are making changes on our rules every year and we would like to be align with the WFTF Core rules, but to be honest with you, there is not too much in it at the moment, so agree with folks here who said it should be discussed and agreed on. We are happy to participate in these discussions and ready to make modifications on our side.

Any questions you may have, do not hesitate to ask...

All the Best!

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