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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
Yup, exactly right - you need to adjust both screws and it's not easy to do it blind - the screws are very much like setting a CD unit. With a bit of tinkering you can get the 1st stage travel down to be nice and short with a definite 2nd stage stop and light crisp let off. I did mine by stripping the trigger down (watch out for the trigger weight spring flying off never to be seen again when you take it apart). Once stripped I adjusted the screws to be somewhere near right then reassembled and made final tweaks. (I'm assuming it's exactly the same as the LGV)
I couldn't get the first stage short enough without losing the second stage so I replaced the second set screw for a longer one.

rifle was still dieseling so i have now stripped it, the grease on the spring was in gobs, not even at all 7 was too thin imo. I decided to remove some grese & clean the oil out of the compression tube. No spray from the muzzle when firing now & the smell of dieseling has gone. Power still 10.6fpe with JSB & slight "twang"
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