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Originally Posted by hawk1 View Post
Quick Question Why was it 2 to a peg in the first round ????
Meaning that lots of us had to wait around for most of the day.
I am in total agreement with your having to wait around for most of the day. I arrived at Bisley around 8am and joined the booking in queue. I and many more people who were in front of me missed the first round.

I know of four people who couldn't stay for the afternoon shoot so had to go home after missing the morning session.

Would it not be a good idea to have a booking in session like the UKHFT where people pre-book and know then as to whether they're shooting in the morning or afternoon?

I also overheard a conversation while waiting to book in that some people had been turned away from a second session from a previous shoot as they limited to only 90 people maximum. I can not believe this would be true?

Apart from a very long day it was an excellent course, thoroughly enjoyed it - Thanks to Bisley and Southern Hunters, well done.
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