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Originally Posted by Neil-T View Post
Couldn't resist any longEr Bri. Just PMd Tye at Solware to see if he has any left.
They sold out straight away and had to put another order in for more - selling like hot cakes at the moment

If I was sales manager for HW or AA, I'd be concerned, mind you I have no sympathy for them. They've sat on their hands for long enough, it was only a matter of time before someone came along and pulled the rug from under their feet.

I'll give it a bit longer, wait and see how you chaps get on - I really don't want to get distracted from getting my TX shooting right ready for NZ, so I'm trying my best to keep focused on the TX.. must focus on the TX, must focus on the TX....

Is there a thread option where I can set it up to be invisible to me?
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