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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
I reckon Warren would make a stock for one - his main concern on the LGV was getting the inletting right for the spring loaded cocking arm guides and the angled front stock screws. The spring loaded cocking arm thing isn't really much of a problem (he just thinks it is) and getting the angles right for the front screws could be solved by getting a little jig made up for him.

A new adjustable trigger blade for the LGV/LGU would be something I bet with a couple of drawings the Rowan lads would happily take on (they'd sell loads of them) - or perhaps Wonky could get one CNC'd up and steal the market

I think the most promising thing about the LGU is that in it's standard form I bet it shoots very well - all the early reports I've heard so far bear this out.

But, where the LGU is really exciting is that I don't think it would take too much work to turn it into a race gun - much less than either the 97 or the TX.

I think the first thing I'd be considering would be - lightening the piston, shortening the stroke by 10mm and potentially swapping the seal out for an HW seal. I bet by the time Nick brings one over to ETL this will already be done, apart from swapping the seal.

All in all though, my prediction on this is that for 350 you'll be getting a better springer than a TX with a V-Mach kit fitted, or a 97 with an aftermarket stage 1 tune. That makes that 350 price tag a bargain and a half!

I'm resisting buying one... I don't know how long I'll be able to resist though.
Couldn't resist any longEr Bri. Just PMd Tye at Solware to see if he has any left.
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