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I pretty much agree with everything Wonkydonkey (Dave) said, apart from the bit about the Webley bluing because I don't have a Webley to compare it to It is very good though.

My trigger had loads of first stage travel. There are 2 grub screws in the trigger blade, the one towards the back of the trigger can be tightened to get rid of the 1st stage travel. I still need to figure out how to get rid of some of the creep. I suspect that reducing the first stage travel alters the angle of the second stage screw, which makes the second stage/creep more pronounced. When there was loads of first stage travel the second stage was much lighter.

Thankfully mine is a bit more lively over the chrono, it is doing around 790fps with JSB 8.44g 4.52. I will probably need to turn it down once it has run in.
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