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Originally Posted by rogb View Post
A bit harsh to judge someone's personality just by words on the internet, but your prerogative. Gary will tell you, I am not backwards in criticizing him sometimes and like Chris says, can come across as being blunt. He is a top bloke who spends an enormous amount of time organising and helping very large events such as the World's to run like clockwork.

Upshot is, he is basically correct in what he says, no matter how much we love Harry and his wonderful achievement.

Before judging UKAHFT on second-hand information and opinions, why not give one round a go and then speak from experience?

There's a round in Maldon (MAD) in August, why not book in for one day of it and give it a go? I can't believe you won't have a great time and meet some people from all over the UK.
Tell you what, if you don't like it Chris C will give your entry fee back, generous bloke that he is.
Can't say fairer than that?
I only said that cos I think his money is safe and you will have a laugh and enjoy some quality shooting
Spot on Rog
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