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Originally Posted by scutter View Post
For Borntoshoot

The reason I posted on this thread was to correct a mistake.

Harry shot superbly well and he deserves all of the credit he gets, however, by perpetrating the myth of class winners being world champions, all it does is make it harder in the future to correct people.

This year, we were all beaten by Rudy, a 15 year old boy, who beat over 200 of the top shooters in the world and he is the only World Champion. I think it is wrong for anyone to try and steal his thunder or claim credit for his achievement.

You say that as a woman, it is people like me that prevents you from wanting to shoot UKAHFT events?

Well, I travel with a female shooter and I count nearly all off the lady shooters in the UK's as my friends, as the chief marshals of the UK's, it is my job to sometimes enforce the rules, but most people can accept this.

You are obviously a person who does not like to be corrected when they you, made a mistake, so it is probably best that you remain at your club, where you are obviously always correct.

So take care and once again, well done Harry.
Well, here we go again, rude, arrogant man, you never fail to dissapoint
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