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Talking Hmmm

Hello over there

Having read right through this thread I understand that there are some practical issues with travelling to NZ, but Kiwis have been known to travel to Europe.....

Unlike many parts of the world the traffic here is sparse, so being very close to the venue isn't as important as may be thought. I live in Wellington but still a fair way from the venue but for me it's only a 45 minute, pleasant drive to it. Any accommodation in Wellington or the Hutt Valley should not be ruled out on the basis of distance.

Kiwis tend to punch above their weight in many activities; maybe not in FT, yet, but we do well often in other sports. Motor and motorcycle racing immediately come to mind. We're not bad at Rugby either and have even done well at soccer and cricket on occasions.

I know the people organising the Worlds and they're all good people. Amateurs, yes, but dedicated tryers nevertheless.

When the chips are down Kiwis can come up trumps; the overnight withdrawl from Galipoli was the only competent Allied event of the whole misguided campaign.

Kiwis are generally very friendly and generous people, virtually devoid of class distinctions, but notably poor drivers, so please do come and show us how to shoot, but drive cautiously!

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