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I can fully understand and appreciate where Pete is coming from and at the end of the day 'rules are rules' and you enter the 'Worlds' hopefully having read those rules understood them! and by doing so are bound by them.However!
Anyone having shot recoiling will understand how difficult it is (not impossible)to acheive a good score consistantly and to do this over two days is commendable;not because a springer is less accurate( sometimes they are more so)but because you have everything working against you getting a high 50's or not unknown 60.
Technique, position, gun alignment placement and hold have to be just so and if not its downhill!.
Kyle mentioned trophy" evaporation or lack of" I was lucky to have some success in HFT a few years back,but even then entry numbers were dropping, and eventually it wasn't worth entering or supplying trophies for the few that did turn up.Also no challenge as the open was.Springers can still enter as open,but if numbers rise I personnally might consider to shoot more springer oriented comps, and there would be more incentive by organisers to supply trophies.
This does not distract from Harry's acheivement by winning The Recoiling at the Worlds this year.Those who shoot springers know how difficult it was to do and what an acheivement it was.
Nuf said.By the way ,nice one ROG. Says it all and good group to boot,just playing some on CD.
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