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Originally Posted by KyleHampton View Post
. Many times I have seen shooters put in fantastic scores to be told sorry we dont do trophies for that class. I understand that a few years ago when only a couple people shot both classes it would be a waste of money. But now both classes have grown with top pcp shooters trying their skills at the harder classes. So I think it is disrespectful and unwise for the officials to look down upon these shooters who try their hardest.

All this confusion could have been avoided if I just shot better!!!

Not sure how anyone is looking down on or being disrespectful to recoiling or .22" shooters Kyle, they have as many trophies at UKAHFT events and WHFTA events as the Ladies & junior classes, the open classes have much more shooter so have a greater chance of trophies.

at this years worlds the following % of shooters in each class attained a trophy:

5% Open Class
9% Recoiling Class
12% Ladies Class
19% .22" Class
21% Juniors Class

For the UKAHFT's if we take last years overall results using only shooters who completed 6 rounds we have the following % that won overall trophies:

9% Open Class
15% Ladies Class
25% Recoiling Class
25% .22" Class
28% 14-16 Junior Class
100% 9-13 Junior Class
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