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Originally Posted by skires View Post
I've only managed to get to a few of these.

I understand that it can get a bit diluted when you start talking about lots of World Champions.

It does seem a shame though.

At Wimbledon probably the most prestigious result is the Men's Champion. However Wimbledon is called the Wimbledon Tennis Championships. It's a Championship ... so those that win their classes are considered Wimbledon Champions ... you have Women's Champion, Doubles Champion etc. They are the Champions in their classes.

I think it's a shame because for a springer shooter who shoots HFT there is no real chance for you to actually be ... Springer World Champ.

It's really tough shooting springer and having now shot a bit of FT I actually think it's harder shooting springer in HFT than it is other springer comps. That's not disrepectful to the superb springer guys that shoot FT and other comps but HFT is about using supports ( pegs, trees etc ) and you just don't get the same advantage using supports with a recoiling gun as you do a PCP. So shooting springer in HFT is even more of a disadvantage against the PCP shooters. So the chance of a springer shooter putting in a 2 day score at the Worlds and actually being overall World Champion is very very slim.

There is no Springer World Championship in HFT.

There is the British Springer Championships at Anston but that is HFT, FT and SFT and the FT guys seem to dominate that.

... but there is no springer only HFT World Championship. It's just built into the HFT Worlds at Kelmarsh over the 2 days.

So the most a springer guy is likely to achieve is ... Recoil winner at the HFT Worlds Championship.

For me ... by definition that really makes them Springer World HFT Champs. All of their peers, who shoot springer HFT, will recognise them as World HFT springer Champ for that year.

I see what Pete is saying that by the same principle you would have loads of World Champions in all the classes and teams etc. However if you are shooting in those teams with a pcp then it's up to you to put the time in and try and become individual overall Champ. As I said above the springer guys will really struggle to become overall winner. I suppose the same could be said of 0.22.

It's a fantastic event anyway and everyone will appreciate all the hard work that goes into it so whatever the organisers say goes ( but for me Harry ... you are Springer World HFT Champ for the next year buddy ... well done ).
In FT (WFTF) there's a World Champion title for Springers. In fact in FT there isn't a recognised 'overall' World Champion, there's a World Champion PCP and a World Champion Springer. (or Piston)

just saying like
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