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Default Springer Champion

Firstly well done Harry on becoming the WORLD springer champion. I fully understand what pete is saying by only having one world champion but I feel this excludes .22 and springer shooters from ever getting the title. As shooting a springer better than 250 pcps over 2 days would be a monumental effort.

How can .22 and springer shooting ever grow if it is not recognised, not only at the worlds but at ukahft events aswell. Many times I have seen shooters put in fantastic scores to be told sorry we dont do trophies for that class. I understand that a few years ago when only a couple people shot both classes it would be a waste of money. But now both classes have grown with top pcp shooters trying their skills at the harder classes. So I think it is disrespectful and unwise for the officials to look down upon these shooters who try their hardest.

All this confusion could have been avoided if I just shot better!!!
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