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Originally Posted by sixshooter View Post
Sorry chaps but as i quote "they aren't world champions ...just class winners" .thats a bit rude, these guys paid money to enter the worlds hft comp and shoot in their chosen events, beat guys from europe and uk and basicallly treated like it doesn't really mean anything, its a bit strange to me. I would of thought it would do hft good to state we had world champions in all the classes and yes and still mention the overall champion with the highest score.It would make a good advertisment to the sport of hft.

just my opinion don't mean to offend anyone.
Utter's a massive achievement to win your class at the World Championships but they aren't World Champions...that is a fact. There's nothing rude about it and everyone entered the event knowing that only the highest scorer over the two days irrespective of class would be crowned the World Champion.

Your suggestion would create 15 World Champions each year plus an overall World Champion, as surely I'd be a World Champ for being in the winning England Team plus the top 4 Steyr shooters would be World Champions too.
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