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Hi, please don't get the idea that I'm trying to prove you wrong. Quite the opposite, I just want to make sure that the right information is made available for all of us.
This is a link to the Parcelforce site and the restrictions. I'm unable to find any reference to telescopes or scopes.

there is a reference here to items containing glass:

Items we exclude from compensation
Please be aware that goods are excluded from compensation as follows:
Compensation for loss or damage will not be paid if parcels are strapped together or bound to another parcel.

Any dangerous, hazardous and prohibited goods
Please visit our prohibitions and restrictions pages for further information.


Car parts and body work - including doors, bumpers and headlights
Cases (including suitcases and musical instrument cases) when used as external packaging
Ceramics or composites wholly or partially made of china and/or porcelain
Computer monitors - including laptops, all-in-one desktops and iMacs
Fossils, stones or stoneware - including fragonite
Furniture - flat packed and ready built
Glassware - items wholly or partially made of glass or containing glass, e.g bottles, picture frames, TV's and laptops that contain glass
Lighting - damage in transit or in handling of flourescent tubes, neon lighting, x-ray tubes, light bulbs or any other inherently fragile items
Marble or any stone derivatives
Musical instruments - no enhanced compensation is available
Plaster items - including Plaster of Paris, fibre clay
Resin items including amorphite, amber and composites
Televisions - including CRT, LCD, LED and Plasma screens

As I understand it, parcels over a certain size will automatically be sent by PF, the lady at the post office counter is there to make sure it goes by the correct route.
I would be interested in any feedback you get from the post office regarding oversize scopes and insurance via PF.
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