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Originally Posted by eyewitnesss View Post
I defend my position it is now 10,00 pm the results must have been available straight after the shoot to enable the prize giving to take place, I do here what you say Dave but a dongle and a quick press of a button and the results are there for all to see then go for a beer???
Im so sorry I failed to meet your expectations please pm me your entry number and name and i will send you a break down of your individual score for both days. Im sorry 3 months of stressfull planning and 6 days this week of doing nothing but waking up and working on this or been at the ground puttng targets out then comnig home to carry on working on this has left me totally exhausted i appoogise for the inconvienence i have caused..Maybe next year i should take two weeks of my allowed holiday leave from work to do this

The scores fully listed will be available on the nefta website soon...This is a nefta shoot and it is all channeled through that site where scores go back a number of years. We will anounce when the scores are listed..

If anyone wishes to know their exact score please email me entry number and name i will give you a full breakdown of your total.

However as im sure most know already especialy those who respectfully stayed to watch the shoot offs and the presentations

1st Jose Redondo
2nd Matt Hirst
3rd Conor McFlynn
4th Neil Hague
5th Jack Harris

1st Keith Gilyard
2nd Dave Tomlinson
3rd Steve Page
4th David Robinson
5th Craig Corbett

1st David Williams
2nd Mark Grainge
3rd Nikki Gore
4th Dave Oakes
5th Ian Furness

1st Richard Shepherd
2nd Nigel Leeming
3rd Andrew Purseglove
4th John Kociumbas
5th Matt Waistell

1st Nick Murphy
2nd Roberto Caballero
3rd Neil Thorneycroft
4th Josean Sancho
5th Simon Higgins

1st Chris Cundey
2nd Richard Baker
3rd Mark Hurst
4th Dave Pick
5th Mark Corossland

Further scores to follow on the nefta website over the next couple of days Many thanks who turned up and showed an interest many thanks to those members of the region who grafted to make this a sucess again. many thanks to our overseas visiitors. alex and stefan from germany, yori from belgium, manuel, jesus jose, josean and roberto from spain...Thankyou to paula, sue mel and diane i couldnt do this and shoot the comp without you. Thankyou to anyone ive forgotten it was a fantastic yet exhausting weekend all made well worth it to see everyone have a great time.

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