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Originally Posted by SDplinker View Post
Thanks for the feedback Brian. I understand completely. Without any kind of volume it doesn't make sense. I might buy a couple of them and try to machine up an adapter. Be a good project to test my newb lathe skills.
The expensive part in your idea is going to be the tube - that's the downside with 3D printing, it gets expensive when you start printing larger things. The tube alone would work out at something like 45 to print, possibly more because the diameter of the tube would need to be large enough to fit over the turrets so you could fit it. The ring I've designed can be smaller than the turrets because you can maneuver it to get it over them one at a time (if you see what I mean) and there's also a chance that because there's a small gap in my ring you could open the gap up enough to get it over the tube without needing to take the scope out of it's mounts (something I need to check with the prototype).

If you can find a tube that would fit over (a bit of plastic drainpipe etc) and let me know the ID and OD of it, I can design up a boss to fit it onto the scope for you and something to go on the other end with the yards marked on it.
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