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Originally Posted by ellis d View Post
Put me down for one brian, Looking at the picture the gap between 30 to 35 yards looks smaller than the gap between 35 to 40 could be just camera angle? could be worth a recheck, nice work though.
Yeah you're right, that does look odd?

I've got 30/35 as 5.03mm and 35/40 as 5.40mm on the model (measured along the chord of the arc) - looking at one of Nick's rings the gap does look like it's very slightly smaller between 30/35. There's also something fishy about the gap size around the 12/13 yard mark too. I might need a new set of verniers or a new set of eyes

I'll take some high res photo's of each gap on Nick's ring with something in the photo for scale and double check all the sizes. Cheers, good spot Marc!

It's dead easy to change the gap sizes on the model, it's literally a 30 second job. The plan is to have a prototype printed out and then check it on a few scopes to see if anything needs moving. But if I can get it pretty much spot on with the first attempt that'll speed development along.
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