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Originally Posted by ultra stu View Post
Part of sarcs appeal is the following
It not being a big series
It allowing simple off shelf guns to compete
Encouraging hunters youngsters and lets face it guys who are never gonna make top ten at the worlds .
the use of any shooting position (for people with bad backs disabilities etc )
Realistic targets
simple rules
fun element .
nuff said .
I have ro disagree with most of this a lot of people i know would have struggled to shoot last week as on a lot of shots you either had to take kneeling or standing and this wouldnt have been possible for them. Also rather than encouraging new comers especially juniors i think that making it as hard as it was would be somewhat demoralising and off putting for them.
Im not the best shot by a long way but getting 4 donuts and numerous 1s was starting to put me of.
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