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Originally Posted by Scooby View Post
The contact areas are very small on the hammer so not sure how beneficial it would be, I have buttoned a pellet probe though but solely to stop it rubbing the blueing from the pellet helped a lot but after 7years the blueing has still come off
that probe buttoning idea is brilliant.
it might be the answer to a probe alignment problem ive got.
the probe is pushed over to the left by the cocking mech and re aligned by the taper of the barrel .
it scuffs the probe and barrel though and wears out seals

the hammer buttoning thought was to maybe reduce friction but also , by adding the buttons the diameter could be reduced and leading edge flowed to allow this trapped air to pass by the piston as it travels forward.

while we're at it does the air behind the hammer / piston create a partial vacuum?

I appreciate we're talking tiny travel here but just thinking out loud and if simple lubing of the hammer can muck it up ....well you never know...
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