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I see SARC gets a lot of 'heat' for this 'discrimination'. I agree with some of it, its a bit bizarre to allow 400 custom stocks and ban 10 hamsters, but ukahft started the same way. They saw sense eventually...

2.1 Any rifle is allowed as long as it complies with current legislation and has a power output less than 12 ft lbs, which can be subject to a random and compulsory chronograph tests which will be in force during each event.
Bipods, or add-ons to the stock ,including Hamsters, Knee rests, Butt hooks, steady handles or other devices to increase depth of the stock are NOT ALLOWED (custom one piece stocks are allowed). No optical aids at all apart from the scope in use. No wind indicators or scope levels can be used and must be removed before you start the course or taped up. The use of a sling is allowed but not as a shooting aid.

I'm sure at some point they will see sense and realise how mental it is.
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