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Originally Posted by Tallguy View Post
thank you,
since I am quite new to FT rules I have another question:
is there a rule for the height of the hamster ? the adjustable MAC and RAW products for instance?

below is my "so called" FT rig. That hamster (knee riser) is quite nice. I know its bottom should be flat according to the rules. so I have to replace the walnut block with a flat bottom one.

any other thing against the existing rules?

thanks again
Hello , you would be a LOT better off lowering the hampster and raising the scope . this would lower the center of gravity , give you a better head position . and flatten the trajectory further out . cheers HOLLY

PS some where between three and a half inches . and four inches line of flight to line of sight . you might need height adjustable mounts . oh and wind the butt pad further in , your face should be further up the cheek piece . plus move the scope forward some .
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