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Originally Posted by Yorkshiretea View Post
Don't disagree in theory but in practice trying to get 50 points between 50 & 55yds is pretty impossible unless you're using a 950mm wheel I'm trying to get at what the reality actually is beyond the "flashy" numbers. I love the numbers, I love the tech but...

So, in practice on a standard 150mm wheel, how may points between 50 and 55yds can one expect to see?
Hi YT,

I wasn't avoiding the question as it depends on the shooter.
I'll have to work out the effective size a side wheel would need to be to match the resolution of the DSW.

For example, we have a test / training function that records 5 attempts at focusing on a target, the DSW shows these 5 ranges. It's a simple "how repeatable is my eye test".
This measures the effective wheel focus position to 0.01 yards.

So to answer your question, yes the DSW will range to 0.1 yards easily - this is a real number relating to the wheel focus position, the repeatability is dependant of how good the shooter is and the scope used.
And that is one of the interesting parts, as we can now measure exactly how good or bad we are at ranging
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