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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
It doesn't matter if you can... what matters is that the device can measure it. You always want the device you are measuring with to have a greater degree of accuracy and precision than the thing you are measuring. From the sounds of it it doesn't cost any more either.

If one of the ideas to be able to share data between shooters goes ahead, you'll see what others are capable of.

But it's a bit hard to say how repeatable 50.1 is without actually having a device capable of measuring that.
Don't disagree in theory but in practice trying to get 50 points between 50 & 55yds is pretty impossible unless you're using a 950mm wheel I'm trying to get at what the reality actually is beyond the "flashy" numbers. I love the numbers, I love the tech but...

So, in practice on a standard 150mm wheel, how may points between 50 and 55yds can one expect to see?
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