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Eyes are different.

When I had excellent vision using a 9x mag and 40mm obj. and pa at 25y everything from 13y to 35y was crystal clear. 40y just going off and 45 blurred. 10y pretty blurred and 8y very blurred.

Now my eyes are shot and using the same scope on the same settings 20y is blurred and 35y is blurred. Extreme ranges are just a total blur.

I've tried 7x and 32mm obj and still don't get the same as I used to with 9x and 40mm.

Better quality glass will give better definition so may seem to give better depth but it's basic optical physics and your eyes that will determine depth.

Others may say that such a such a scope gives them clear from 8 to 45y ... it probably won't be the same for you. You need to look through them.

If you want better depth than the scope's spec you have you will need to drop the mag or seriously reduce the objective diameter.

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