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I've tried quite a few and settled for the sightron s111 10x42mmd and it is pretty much clear from 15 to 45.
I have been amazed by the depth of field of the leupold vx111 6.5-20 x40 ,the one I looked through I could see almost clear at 8yds all the way to 50yds.
A little known scope over here is the clearidge rm2-9x32 which is pretty good but the sightron has the edge in low light but then the sightron is over twice the money.
then theres always the mtc connects if you like them
As always though the scope thats best is the one YOU can get on with best .
btw with regards to the ones you've mentioned I've owned them all and I would go with the lightstream but have you considered this
.basically the same as the lightstream but with a hft dedicated ret..
pm Spoilie on here he can get them for a good price.
atb Colin
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