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Default Bushnell Elite 8-32 AO Ring - 3D printed

I know these are difficult to get hold of these days and I could do with one for my spare scope, so this is my next little project.

The ring is pre-marked with the gaps I've got on the ring Nick Murphy made, which seems to be transferable to other scopes. i.e. the gaps are consistent from scope to scope. All you do is line up the 50 yard mark on the ring with the 50 yard mark on the scope and all the rest of the ranges will be correct.

The ring is designed to be a tight fit, but to clamp it in place there's a small recessed screw in the base to allow the ring to be securely clamped in place without damaging the scope.

These will be printed in white nylon, and will need painting (dead easy) and then finally just sand the paint off of the raised markers and numbers to give you nice clear white numbers on a black background.

The numbers are also angled so they can be read while the rifle is shouldered.

I've just finished the design for the prototype, it'll take a couple of weeks to come back from the printers and I'll probably send it off sometime next week so there's going to be about a 3 week wait before I can test the prototype out, and double check that the markers are in the correct place.

Not figured out a price yet, but at a rough guess I'd say they'll probably be about 15 judging by the size.

I'm not taking orders yet, just letting everyone know how development is coming along and to ask for comments and suggestions.

I'll update this thread as development progresses.

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