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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Not as yet, but I've been speaking to the guys from Rowan and from the sounds of it there's quite a bit to deal with... they're talking about being able to shackle up SD cards and export into SQL databases...
Hello all,

First of all, I'd like to express our thanks to John and Kev for blazing the trail. For us (me and Dave especially) it was a big step to see the DSW in action at GP1 after many months of development. We had a great day out and I must make more effort to get away from the machines. It was great also to demo the DSW to those as the opportunity arose.

Regarding what the DSW can and will be able to do, it’s early days and it’s final functions will depend on what shooters want to see as much as what the device is capable of. We develop the software in house so have full control of what functions are implemented and are listening very carefully to the ideas and feedback we receive.
Hardware wise, the photos show the final version – the production units I’d expect to look identical.
The main shooting functions, clicks, range, 50ft adaptor, etc are mainly complete, (temp shift is still to do).

Regarding the data logging and training functions - for example, we stream the ‘wobble’ data to a tablet to show movement – the tablet draws a circle around the scatter in real time and the size of the circle shows the magnitude of movement – (as demoed at the British Shooting Show). We could also show and record the ‘snail trail’ of movement too. As the DSW can detect when the shot is released, the data before and after the shot can be recorded, either by the tablet or by the DSW for later display on PC / tablet etc.
As it stands, the DSW had a mSD card slot, so a 1 – 8Gb card can be fitted – we’ll ship with a 2Gb card which is a massive capacity compared to the amount of data that is recorded per shot.

Another function that we can demo is for focusing – the DSW records 5 successive ranging attempts, it shows the average distance and spread of those attempts – A good tool for checking the repeatability of the shooters focusing technique and could show in a quantitative way how well a particular scope ‘snaps in and out of focus” or how change in light (bright or dark day) affects ranging (more spread or produces a range shift???)
At the same time, the DSW could record the wheel movement, a sort of oscilloscope type trace to determine and show how repeatable the shooter moves the wheel to get a particular focus range and would help show if any variation is a source of ranging inaccuracy.

The real power comes when you can compare ‘your’ data to others that have shot the same course.

We can add a function of hit or miss – we though this would be easier to tag info to the data at home rather than another thing to do on the course.
The DSW records the direction of the shot (magnetic compass) so a shot can be compared to wind direction on the day.
We could add a function to record the POI of a shot (if it can be seen where the shot landed), but not sure how to implement the input easily.

Most importantly, the DSW is designed to be fitted and just used, all the data logging happens in the background and is there if needed or ignored if not.

As we develop the software and its functions, the DSW will be able to be updated by the shooter - a file from our web site can be uploaded via bluetooth so early adopters will be up to date with the latest version. The full tablet / phone app will follow.

We are listening to what shooters want and our aim is to produce a great shooting tool as well as a sophisticated analysis system.
Any questions I'll attempt to answer on STB or to me or Dave at our office email.

ATB Derek & Dave
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