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The rotation list is as per the joining order of each RGB.

The list is here...

Countries can decline, in which case they go to the bottom, or defer for a year.

At the moment there is little to qualify who can join, and there's no vetting procedure for hosts. I think that's because no-one so far has come up with a suggestion on how that should be done. The EFTA will always discuss proposals presented to it. There's a whole EFTA committee out there, each region has it's rep.

One thing's for certain... it will be our time very soon, and we will need more than forum posts to provide our offering. A quick back of the packet calculation says we will need about 20-30+ volunteers (who won't shoot) for up to a week (with a few of those doing far more), to make the event viable. If we don't get them, we won't be hosting. The money and venue we think are possible, the 20-30... don't know.

I anticipate next year will be when we are starting to plan, with the prospect of hosting around 2019... so start thinking if you want to make this happen, and being part of showing the WFTF how an event can be done, or not. It's all very well telling the rest of the world how it should be, but it will be our time to do it soon... so you can be part of the solution, or not... but one thing's for sure, posting on an internet forum about how it should be done isn't going to be something you can do with any credence should you not be one of the people who sticks their name down, and the event doesn't happen. As you can see from the list, the worlds is going to be pretty easy to get to a year before, so there's no excuse about "oh i can't help out it's my only chance to shoot it...".
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