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Originally Posted by Ratinator View Post
Why are people not going? Is it the expense or the gun laws or both?
Surely before countries are allowed to host such a prestigious event these things should be taken into account.
Not only is it expensive but also getting time of work comes into it as well. When its held in Europe its a fraction of the cost plus you only need take a few days of work. Thats why you dont find to many Kiwis at the worlds when in the Northern hemisphere. But the thing is as a world tournament it should be help all over hence in New Zealand this year. The next time it will held here will be about 20yr to 30yr so not so bad for you shooters making the effort to come.
The gun laws are not to bad just a few bits of paper to fill out and all the info is on the site I have mentioned. I expect when its held in say Chili there will be those moaning about the whys ect ect ect.
For those that have made the effort and time we will welcome you and do are utmost to make your stay the best and friendliest
Regards Andy
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