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Originally Posted by Yorkshiretea View Post
But what if it's found to be correct after being tested? Is that possible? Yes it is.
Yes it is. It's entirely possible to get the same answer but it doesn't mean the process to get there an objective one. Otherwise we may as well say objectivity is the same as guessing a 6 when you roll a dice and if it rolls to a 6 then you're being objective. You're not. You're guessing.

As I have said, peeling shooters away from results and outcomes that they have less or no control over and getting them to understand it's the processes that they do control that make the difference, is difficult... because they think that getting to an answer of a falling target means that the process was good. It doesn't. Some know that. Ask Calps about if a falling target means it was a good shot or not...
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