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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
It's not always the most expensive that's the best . Things like this could show for instance that a 300 custom shop is with say 90% of the performance of a march. You could perhaps buy the strips, then borrow the device from someone. If the data cross references then it may lead to a sharp curve where people post their stats and people pick up on it as a starting point. A bit like pellets. Get to a rough ball park and refine from there.
The unit could probably be programmed to force a blind test to stop people skewing the data either deliberately or not. I think that might reveal some very cheaper options for many a wallet. It could also show if using a scope in a particular way or on a particular type of detail is better or worse. Perhaps if a larger or smaller sidewheel is actually better or worse. It's going to be down to an individual to some degree but a lot of the fumbling could be removed and some cheaper options found. I've always said my march is not 10x as good as my deben. And I think my deben would probably do me fine or at least narrowed down. It might highlight some more expensive options that don't seem to pay dividends.
I didn't go with the most expensive, I've only bought two things brand new since I started in the sport. I went with the industry standard and one that clicked better with my eyes.

Fair point tho Rob but we don't live, work or operate in an "ideal" world. In that world the shop would have lent me everything for a month, I'd be getting paid for going down the club every single day and you'd be on site to offer free advice with 7 nurses just in case

I don't disagree with you on the data either, more is always useful. I'm still not sure beyond the data how useful a DSW is, I've got my markings, charts and group sizes, I'm learning how to play the odds more - what I need now is practice and repetition. I don't need a Scatt to tell me why my standers are not as good as John Lee's, I know why already!

The only place the DSW would be useful is if it's accurate beyond 50yds on the position, do you know what the increments are at that distance? I know John said it could register 2 microns but it certain wont be using that as the human hand isn't that accurate.

So, is the DSW is useful? Yes
Is it cheating? No
Will it give you a massive advantage? No
Will the data be useful? Yes
Can you buy your way to the top? No
Can shooter be objective without data/process awareness? Yes
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