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It's not always the most expensive that's the best . Things like this could show for instance that a 300 custom shop is with say 90% of the performance of a march. You could perhaps buy the strips, then borrow the device from someone. If the data cross references then it may lead to a sharp curve where people post their stats and people pick up on it as a starting point. A bit like pellets. Get to a rough ball park and refine from there.
The unit could probably be programmed to force a blind test to stop people skewing the data either deliberately or not. I think that might reveal some very cheaper options for many a wallet. It could also show if using a scope in a particular way or on a particular type of detail is better or worse. Perhaps if a larger or smaller sidewheel is actually better or worse. It's going to be down to an individual to some degree but a lot of the fumbling could be removed and some cheaper options found. I've always said my march is not 10x as good as my deben. And I think my deben would probably do me fine or at least narrowed down. It might highlight some more expensive options that don't seem to pay dividends.
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