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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Tell me, how do you know the scope you are using is the best for you for rangefinding? Did you get the idea from someone else? Did you try all the scopes and blind test your consistency and accuracy? Did you keep the one you had some good results with? How does it compare with other scopes?
To start with my wallet Rob, went to the shop, looked down loads of them and found one that would be a good starter knowing that if I was any good I'd be updating it and if I was I'd have no problem selling it and I hadn't broken the bank.

I then tried loads at the club but stuck with what I had to see if I'd still be getting up at 7am at the weekends to shoot. Even shot my first comp with it because at this point I couldn't even sit properly, fast forward 3 months and I kinda still went with my wallet after trying a few Nikko's, Sightron and March. I went with the industry standard because that's what I could afford at the time. I'll be looking to update and try new stuff out if I'm still here at the start of the next Winter League. Not ideal but that's how things happen, hardly anyone could afford to do what your suggesting but I get the point you are driving at.
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