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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
I don't follow.

Yep comfort is important to a certain extent but you can't record comfort to a specific degree. Like pain or discomfort. Or without kit you can't record wobble objectively.

Start sticking recording equipment into the training process and it reveals all sorts of things that apparently shooters don't do.
It was a jokey quip at you saying that shooters aren't objective etc,

I think they very much are, perhaps some can't verbalise it but I very much disagree with your opening statement. Bri is one of the most technical people I know in the game, he knows the theory and practice but I also believe that many others shoot well without knowing all the theory because they've put the practice in and do things automatically and there's nowt wrong with that either.

I can see that the DSW would be useful but still not seeing the massive advantage unless it's super accurate on the wheel movement beyond 45yds and the human hand and eye has a lot of difficult on those final 4 to 5 mill on the wheel between 50 and 55yds. I know John said it could measure 2 microns but the human hand isn't that accurate.

I don't think it should be banned either but I'm interested to see how it develops.
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