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Cheers Andy

I know the assumption is that cost is the main issue with uptake and although I think that may be true in a lot of cases, I think it's also a lack of information that's slowing things down now - so the more information the better really. I appreciate that Adam has had more than his fair share of personal tragedy recently

If cost was the only issue, I'd expect to see more South African's booked in since the costs of flights from SA is less than half of the cost from the UK.

I know there are more people waiting in the wings to book up - perhaps some more details about accommodation at the scout camp would be good. What sort of accommodation is it? When is it available from/to, how many to a hut? that sort of thing.

People flying long distances will want some time before the comp to recover from jet lag, so it would be helpful to know if the scout huts are available before the competition starts.

There aren't many hotels / places to stay near to the camp (that I could find anyway) I'm staying in Lower Hutt (about 30 mins drive away). I think Richard B has found a place a little closer.
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