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I tried putting on a coach for the Polish worlds, and this venue is not all that far away from that one.

The problem is how to cross other European countries without a EFP. Germany's limit is 7.5 joules, about 6fpe.

The HO has published a letter which roughly says to the foreign customs officer or policeman, let this person pass to your country because he doesn't need a licence in his home country. It's not all that convincing IMHO and it is a great shame we can't get an EFP at any price. Northern Ireland shooters can of course as they have FACs.

It was going to cost something like 7,000 to get a 50 seat coach for the week. That included I think three drivers. There was the freebie option as well, if wives or partners wanted to go as visitors then the coach could take them on local sightseeing tours while we knocked the targets over.

Allow 24 hours travel time overland each way from London.
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