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Originally Posted by Shaun View Post
However, in the picture above - is the sling not touching the arm? Hence the rifle is touching the arm which is not allowed in the kneeling position?

Yes, you are correct Shaun but it is quite easy to use a sling without wrapping over the forearm and by tensioning the sling (pushing up) you can remove a lot of wobble. The thing that spoils that and shots down or up is that in being part of the rifle you cannot make any adjustments to the length once the course of fire is underway? Although if it was a hamster, cheek piece or butt hook nobody objects to adjustments. The awkward thing as far as removing it from the upper arm is that if, as in picture, you have a hook to stop it sliding down it gets very clumsy to unhook (and rifle could end up pointing somewhere it shouldn't ).
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