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Originally Posted by stillwater View Post
You would have thought it would be easier to score well when being able to lie down and shoot of a peg with a clear view of the Kill Zone, yet some people got better scores than usual having to stand and kneel whilst shooting through undergrowth
Well done to them
Me I'm still trying to find my wheels in the undergrowth
Haha hmmmm I wonder who that was aimed at , my gun was AWOL my past comps which the V-Mach has sorted and Saturday was a strange shoot as yesterday I had to bring my scope 6 clicks up so that could account for my poor score then haha , just strange as it was fine on the plinking range at kibby then I shot the comp n it was out . Excuses excuses I know
Ah well I got it shooting straight for Cosford and got a half decent score , and to find your wheels Greg I think you should bring the kibby strimmer for the final SARC round as I think Dave wants it to be even more over grown :/.
See you at the marksman
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