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Originally Posted by boyo View Post
Thanks holly I have always shot with open or dioptre sights, now that I am in my mid sixties the eyes are going a bit and need a scope, I have a nice Nikko nighteater but I find the cross hairs just a tad to thick. I like to shoot targets meant for 10m shooting but out at 40m
Well mate you are doing well to get to 65 and still be using iron sights . if you have got a decent rifle . get some decent glass .it wil add to you enjoyment overall . and if you buy secondhand then you will be able to sell it on if needed with no loss of dosh . if it were me i would have a look at the old simmons range . you can pick up a 6.5 to twenty for around a hundred quid . ( top of the old range ) they can do anything you want . bench rest , FT , HFT , hunting , you name . and the prices go down from there , depending on the mag . cheap scopes give you trouble and no thrills . luck HOLLY

PS best advice given to me was " buy the best scope you can afford , any rifle you buy will be better than you at the start " needless to say , i did'nt .
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