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If someone contacted my business to ask a straightforward question, I would give them an answer. If I didn't respond to them, then they would go elsewhere.
If that is their level of customer service at enquiry level, then god help you if you have any real issues.
As a comparison , I bought a second hand mac book stand off eBay. It did not have the insert for my particular macbook, so I enquired with the company ( American) as to where I could buy the correct one.
Got an email back within 24 hrs telling me they did not sell them in uk, and they were $5 in U.S, but with import duty, postage etc it would work out very expensive, so to get around it , they would send me one absolutely free of charge.
Ok, it's only a cheap item, but that is customer service, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend their products.
If I knew that someone wanted to splash out 1500 on my product I would be going out my way to make sure they didn't go anywhere else.
Think high end car salesman selling a model with a long waiting list. Would he / she ignore you? Would they heck as like !
Sorry, rant over
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