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Originally Posted by SDplinker View Post
Just got a new-to-me Leupold Competition 40x. Before I start using it or send it off to the custom shop...had some questions.

1. Seems there are gripes about the Torx screws and resetting the zero. Has to be done just right or the turret spins but doesn't click or vice versa. Any tips for adjusting and setting the turrets properly? Some people apparently remove some kind of spring too??

2. Minimum focus distance. I plan to test what it comes down to out of the box but any advice on what to have it changed to (if anything) at the custom shop? Or should I just use a close focus adapter and not alter anything?

3. Reticle - I'm armed with evidence for a mil-dot or TMR reticle. Apparently they have some new tooling and they will now install these again. Is it worth the bother or just have them do a wide duplex?

4. Sidewheel - consensus seems to be 3"-4" in size?

5. How many folks use a sunshade?

6. On the close focus adapters - is mounting in Butler Creek the easiest way to go? If so, can you provide a link to the correct Butler Creek and close focus adapter?

7. Any other tips/tricks for getting the most out of these.

It's my first semi-high end scope so I'm excited to try it out. Don't know if I will get on with fixed mag but so many seem to do well with it that I had to try. It should work great for bench rest too. I sold my Mk1 big Nikko as I don't want to have to worry about possible warranty issues and I like the lighter scope.

Hi Casey, I remove the spring under the elevation turret , never had a problem resetting it.

Re focus close distance to 10yds which is what all 4 of mine come down to.

Go with the Mildot, all 4 of mine have Mildot rets in them, lots of reference points and bracketing is possible on known kill sizes.

The smaller the better, go as small as 65mm if you can handle it.

All mine have the large sunshade. Don't shoot in bright conditions without one.

Don't give up too quickly, I've known people have them for very short periods of time before getting rid of them. Give it time and only parallax one way, I only go away from me, of towards the objective with the sidewheel, I never try to find the middle ground with them. Use it all different conditions. Have fun, and enjoy your new scope. Neil.
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