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1) Not sure on that Casey. Have not heard of folks doing that and have never done it myself. There is a grommet that lines up with the internal turret and the torx screw goes into it. If the grommet is not lined up you will rotate the internal turret without moving the external turret. Just make sure that when you zero the turret, everything is lined up before you tighten it down. It's not too hard, but easy to messup if you're not paying attention.

2) I reparallaxed my 40x (35x was already done) . I know Tim at Mac1 has the proper tooling to mess with the lens and locking ring now. Ken Hughes did it for me. Close focus adapter works fine, mine focused down to 13 before I redid it.

3) MSG me and tell me more!!!!! RIGHT NOW!!! LOL. I would get the mil dot personally, TMR is kinda thin. The wide plex is okay but would way rather have a dot.

4) I have a 4" and 4.5". I prefer the 4". 4.5" actually spreads things out too much so it becomes harder to differentiate distance, especially on the 35x. The 4" on my 40X is really good. I know a lot of the UK and other European's use wheels even smaller, but they don't necessarily mark every distance.

5) Have one on my 35x, not on my 40x. Will be getting one for the 40x pretty soon.

6) Yes it is easiest. Don't remember what number it is. If you have an old 44mm UTG front scope cover, they are a bit bulkier than the bulter creeks and handle the added weight of the lens better IMO.

7) I really prefer the reparallaxing vs the close focus adapter. Mine tops out at about 65 yards but goes down to roughly 9 yards. On a smaller wheel, gives you plenty of space between 50 and 55. Assuming the mil dot replacement isn't too much more than the plex, get it and don't look back! And if you decide you hate it, at least you know you have a buyer

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