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Cheers for the advise

With regards to giving it to someone who knows what they are doing I'm 100% for that but for 1 it time.. If i were going to give it to anyone it would be Nick Murphy as i would love a Zenith however he is a very busy man and hard to get hold of, plus i don't think he does anodising/ bluing. And 2 its whether its worth it? it has no markings what so ever so i don't know if its an AR4 or an AR5 or what? Im pretty sure its an AR4?... I have emailed Steve (last week and not heard anything yet however he might be on holiday)

All i want is for the action to be tuned black lol the gun isn't leaking and seems consistent enough, its in fantastic condition etc i just want to put it in a Walnut stock and think it would look nicer how it was originally, in black
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