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Originally Posted by AirWolf View Post
Will the software be switchable for instant pellet changes, I.e Express to 8.4 to 10.3 etc
Does it have self calibration on switch on?
Hello AirWolf,

Not in the traditional sense, the DSW does not calculate the balistic curve from the pellet weight like chairgun does.
What the DSW can have is several different setups, i.e Gun1 Gun2 Gun3 or pellet1,2,3. etc.
So the DSW would use the standard range settings, but you would enter a new set of clicks for the new pellet type (or any change in rifle configuration).
You could then switch from 8.4 to 10.3 as long as you had already entered the click values.

Re: Self Calibration.
On switch on the DSW requests the sidewheel is moved to the minimum range setting (or a reference point) before displaying the shoot screen, not a calibration as such but referencing.

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