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Originally Posted by PaulD View Post
Mr Ellis d sir, as you are so interested I shall explain ;-) from new my Steyr was pretty damm awful! constant POI shifts and velocity changes from as low as 710fps to as high as 900 fps (all in the same day) I sorted the POI problems early on by free floating and sleeving the barrel, there where reasons for my barrel having to be sleeved which are too long and tedious to explain here! (if you really want to know ask me at one of the gp's this year) the velocity changes where cured after 18months of pulling my hair out each and every shoot by advice from his highness ex world champ and Irish wizard Conor :-) Since then any problems experienced have been down to my inability to adjust the nut behind the trigger correctly. So in short my Stey has gone from being crap to being megga over 2 1/2 years and just recently back to crap again because I can't shoot to save my life?? Oh and not that Mr Evans is my hero or anything like that but comparing his scores to mine I wish I was that bad.

But Paul , this is what i have been telling you all this time ? Your Crap . never mind if you get down to ETL for GP2 you can buy me that tea you owe me ??? HOLLY

PS as am always telling simon , be nice to people on the way up , cos they are the same people you will meet on the way down .
" Be your self , everybody else is taken "
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