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Originally Posted by BDL View Post
Good idea and good bit of kit but it takes away the skill in learning to read your scope, weather and target position....
It would be a case of screw it on and then point and shoot, only leaving you to work our the wind.
Hello BDL,

Far from it....

You have to know your scope and rig in order to set up the DSW to get the best from it.
The DSW is NOT a ballistic computer, its display is based on your own ranging measurements, click values and temperature settings etc. etc. It brings all the normal information you have to consider when taking a shot into one device.
In many respects it helps you learn your scope and will allow you to get the most from the scope, there are no short cuts.
I don't think it takes away any skill, but it does add another interesting dimension to shooting.
For example, the DSW records certain information of every shot taken, the DSW becomes a useful post shoot analysis and training tool - so we hope.
There is still lots to do before it's released, and even then it will evolve as it gets used.

I hope to be at GP1 so will be available for a chat with anyone who wants to know the details. Also Kev will be shooting with a development version of the DSW, brave man :-)

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