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Originally Posted by Lavant_Lad View Post
With regards to the butt hook, a guy at a local air gun range (Dinnington) by accident snapped the bottom section of his and is still waiting for a replacment part, several requests to Air Arms but no joy yet.
To me they seem rather a weak design.
Yeah, I'm not at all surprised. Not tried the FTP900, I'm sure it's very nice, but the hook is terrible! I measured one up to see if I could make some 3D printed parts to improve it, but after inspecting it, I decided it wasn't worth making parts for it, you'd be better off just replacing the whole hook.

I'd be tempted to tell your friend to ask AA to supply a replacement part free of charge, because 2mm of aluminium is not sufficient to support any sort of weight - beware if you rest your FTP900 on the floor on it's hook because it will snap.

The design flaw is where they've made a cutout to allow you to fold the hook part back to switch between FT and HFT mode. They're removed so much metal that it's not strong enough to take any weight now.

A better idea would have just been to not make a cut out at all - it's not much trouble to undo one M5 bolt and remove the hook part if you want to make it HFT legal.

The replacement part costs 37 + postage from AA. But I think there's a good argument for saying that it's not fit for purpose.

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