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Originally Posted by Ratinator View Post
Can temp shift be programmed into it?
Hi Ratinator,

The DSW has a temp sensor and we're working on the software to enable temp shift - or at least figuring the best method to implement it.
Deciding on the best way for the shooter to input how their particular set up responds to temp change is a head scratching exercise at the moment.

We think the simplest way is to do the range settings at 2 different temps (On a hot and cold day for example).
If you alreadyknow the way your scope responds to temp shift and don't want the faf of doing a second range calibration, we can look at adding a "screen" to enter this directly.

The other factor for us to remember is not all scope change in a linear fashion - there is the 'cliff edge' effect to consider where the temp shift only becomes noticable below a certain temp. We'll include a method to enter this response, but it will rely on the shooter to know the scope that's being set up.

But to answer your question:- at the moment temp shift is not active, but will be on the final release version.

BTW, the DSW will be able to have the software updated by the user. So as we bring out updates, it will mean the unit won't need to be sent back to us for updating.

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