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Default Accuracy and consistency in FT rifles .

Over on the AIRGUNFORUM jon has been saying that consistency is more important than having a super barrel for accuracy . i would not have agreed with him a while back , untill i got my GC2 back from STAFFORDSHIRE CUSTOM RIFLES ( cheers dave ) took it down the club for a shoot . zeroed it in and went into our wood for a grouping session . we have an old table in there and chair . bag on the table , rifle on top , bench rest . board out at 50 yards . twenty shots from each of a tin of 4.52 and a tin of 4.53s . the 2s were washed the 3's not . i have found of late that exacts are getting dirty to the point i think they are fouling the barrel . so the test of the two . twenty shots out of each tin .the best group was the 4.53s dry ( little finger nail ) the 4.52s slightly strung upwards , still little finger nail about 22 width but the finger nail high . having said all this , the point is i have had this rifle since 92 . it has NEVER shot groups like that with any pellet . so how and why , when put over the chrono it did ten shot's within 3 feet per sec . so it would look like jon it is right . accuracy is a by product off consistency plus proper air delivery . ??? HOLLY

PS the pellets were washed in FLASH GEL floor cleaner . which leaves em with a nice shiny slippery feel like they have been lubed . and with a nice lemon smell , they smell better that berty's jock strap after a hard game .
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